ALTShop is a unique approach to revitalizing our communities using pop-up shops as retail incubators.
We lower the barriers for business start-ups, existing businesses seeking to test a location, and those simply

​wanting to test a concept through use of temporary, short-term space for operation of your business.



Born from the idea that retail plays a vital role in revitalizing neighborhoods, ALTShop activates vacant storefronts –for days, weeks, or months — to help build local businesses and increase a community’s visibility and vibrancy.  ALTShop creates partnerships to activate spaces, test new business concepts, and provide business support services to help sustain and grow local businesses.

ALTShop is a small business incubator program managed by Communities Unlimited. ALTSHOP places businesses in vacant properties for a period of up to 6 months.



Our management consultants work with rural communities and their leadership to help them occupy vacant storefronts with small businesses for a 6 month incubation period. Throughout the program we identify vacant storefronts, negotiate with property owners, sign short-term leases, recruit and select startup or relocating businesses. We also cluster a group of at least 3 small businesses for simultaneous launch and provide 6 months of marketing efforts. During incubation, each business owner receives various types of financial and managerial assistance on-site at their business location.



  • Unique opportunity
  • Low risk test for entrepreneurs
  • Business support services
  • Below market or free rent
  • Marketing and PR services​



Individuals interested in ALTShop are encouraged to take a FREE online business development course offered by Communities Unlimited that will help entrepreneurs and business owners launch their businesses. This course is offered several times each year. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.